How closely are students supervised?

Hale Abroad is a college-level program for high school students, so we treat our students like college students. We expect them to assume responsibility for themselves. They must manage their own schedule of sleep, study, and extracurricular activities. In the rooms, there is no “lights out” or “bed check.” Though the younger students (those who will be juniors next fall) have an in-the-dorm curfew (and are supervised by a higher ratio of proctors), the older students do not.

This may be the first time you have experienced this level of self-responsibility. And we understand that it may take some adjustment. Still, we expect our students to be mature enough to attend all their class meetings, to do the academic work required of them, and to abide by the rules and policies set down in the Student Handbook. (Please note: The Student Handbook will be available here soon.)

How can I be assured of safety and security while on the trip?

Hale Abroad takes safety and security seriously and offers many services, tools, policies, and procedures to help maintain a safe environment on the trip. Every 10 students have a counselor taking care of them 24/7. If you have a problem or complaint, or if you ever feel unsafe, we offer many avenues of assistance and support. In every country we have contacts with the embassy

What policies related to conduct should I be aware of?